15 марта 2012 г.


Барбара Мартело  ещё один пример современной  женщины,стиль которой мне нравится. Она стилист испанского Vogue,а  также работает в качестве консультанта для дизайнеров и магазинов. На мой взгляд она выглядит просто и элегантно,ну а главное удобно)) Секрет её успеха прост - узкие брюки, пиджаки и каблуки. Как можно заметить,она предпочитает  Balmain и кожу.

Barbara Martelo is another example  of  up-to-date  style woman.She  is a Spanish super stylist, frequent wearer of Balmain, and a constant source of outfit inspiration. All skinny pants, all the time. FORMULA: Tight pants + simple tank + wicked jacket + heels. 

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13 марта 2012 г.

Emmanuelle Alt Style

Emmanuelle Alt is the editor-in-chief of Vogue(Paris). She was announced as the new editor in January 2011[1][2][3], and began her role officially on February 1st 2011.[4][5][6][7][8][9]After Carine Roitfeld stepped down from her position. She was thought of as Carine's right hand woman[10] for many years.[11] [12][13][14] Emmanuelle was previously the fashion director[15] at the magazine[16][17][18] She held the role of fashion director since 2000, after working at the magazine, Mixte.[19] [20] Prior to her work at Vogue, she worked styling editorials for Mixte from 1998 and 20 Ans for five years from 1993. She was also editor in chief at 20 Ans.[21][22]
Emmanuelle's style radiates french chic and her unique attitude towards fashion has often caused the media to tout her as a style icon. She has named the movie, Saturday Night Fever as one of her greatest style inspirations. [23][24][25] While working at French Vogue[26], Emmanuelle was also the stylist[27] for the brandBalmain. While working forBalmain, Emmanuelle sent over some pieces to Michael Jackson, which resulted in his love of the label. She also assisted Isabel MarantBalenciaga and Guiseppe Zanotti with their style looks each season. Coincidently, Alt's husband, Franck Durand is also the artistic director for Isabel Marant. The pair have a daughter together called Françoise.[30][31][32]
Emmanuelle attended the prestigious Lubeck School in Paris.
Главный редактор французского Vogue, мама 2х детишек,современная женщина -Emmanuelle Alt! Вдохновляюсь простотой её стиля,всегда удобно и стильно!кто бы поверил,а ей 44:)